Akshat, a 15 year old boy with moderate mental retardation, deficit speech and cerebral palsy, joined Amar Jyoti in January 2008.  At that time, he was unable to communicate at all, had poor hand-eye co-ordination and could not identify his parents, colours, numbers etc.

With the help of a multi-sensory approach and multidisciplinary team effort, he is fairly independent after learning life skills. He is also the proud recipient of the best student award in the artificial jewellery making - skill development unit.

Mrs. Mini Sharma

Mini, who was struck by polio at an early age, volunteered her services as a teacher when Amar Jyoti school was being run under a tree. She was soon appointed a regular teacher, and, over a period of time, promoted to the post of Principal. 



Gulshan Kumar

Gulshan Kumar owns a theater company `We Are One'

Pooja Raju

Puja Raju, yet another Intellectually Challenged girl returned with 4 medals from Los Angles creating a history in Special Olympics.



Ms. Ummul Kher

One of Alumni a Physically Challenged young lady Ms. Ummul Kher, IRS who recently cleared the UPSC Exam and is serving  as an Asst. Commissioner, Central Excise

Dheeraj, Fahim and Rishab

Dheeraj, Fahim and Rishab participated in an international competition in wheelchair basketball held at Bangkok and made us proud by playing Under-18 and exhibiting skills of adults.